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Our Acting Program: Frequently Asked Questions From Students Like You

Written By CCH Staff on July 12, 2017

Our Acting Program: Frequently Asked Questions From Students Like You

While trying to find the perfect
acting program for you, a few questions are bound to pop up. That is why we have made a list of the frequently asked questions we receive from our incoming acting students. Take a look, and see what questions you can have answered!

Do I have to audition for your acting program?

We do not require that you audition in order to pursue an acting emphasis. If you are dedicated to perfecting the craft of acting, we are dedicated to teaching you.

How is an acting emphasis different than an acting major?         

Most acting major programs focus on acting and acting alone. Students in these programs take classes in dance, body, voice, and acting technique.

At Columbia College Hollywood, our acting students pursue a degree in cinema or cinema and television with an emphasis in acting. This means they focus on acting, but study much more. They study all areas of film from editing to cinematography so that they can learn the process of filmmaking both in front of the camera and behind it.

Can I pursue another emphasis along with acting?

Students are only permitted to choose one area of emphasis, but through 

What makes Columbia College Hollywood's acting program different from other acting programs?

There are two main things that set our acting program apart: 

  1. Project-based curriculum

    At Columbia College Hollywood, we embrace a project-based curriculum. This means that our students do not learn their craft by sitting in a lecture hall or taking a multiple choice test. They learn their craft by actually doing it. Because of this, student films and videos are constantly being produced on campus. This gives our acting students plenty of opportunities to gain on-camera experience in quasi-professional environments. In other acting programs, this opportunity simply doesn't exist in the same way.
  1. Cross-disciplinary study

    Our acting students not only study directing, producing, sound, new media, writing, cinematography, and editing and visual effects, but also work in close quarters with students who primarily focus on these other areas of film. 

    So, along with having a diverse knowledge of the film industry our acting students graduate with extensive experience in working with other film professionals. They learn to communicate with directors, stand in the right light, and move in a way that is conducive to a cinematographers shot. These skills are invaluable. 

Does Columbia College Hollywood help you find work as an actor? 

At Columbia College Hollywood, we host internship fairs, meet and greets, and film festivals where industry professionals (such as Casting Directors) are present.    

In addition, most instructors at Columbia College Hollywood still actively work in the industry. If students perform well in classes, they have the opportunity to make professional industry contacts without even leaving the building! 

So, is our Acting program right for you?

If you think Columbia College Hollywood is the perfect fit for you, take your first step to applying right now by downloading our Application Checklist! It will walk you through our application process, making the beginning of your journey that much easier!

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