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Written By CCH Staff on August 14, 2017


When you’re trying to find the perfect new media emphasis, a few questions are bound to pop up. Take a look at this list of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our incoming students to find out if Columbia College Hollywood is right for you.

1. Can I choose more than one Emphasis for my BFA program?

No, you can only choose one Emphasis, but you’re free to choose from a wide variety of elective courses in other areas.

2. Can I apply for internships with entertainment industry companies while I’m a student?     

Yes! Internships are one of the best ways to build industry relationships and gain practical experience that you’ll be able to include on your resume. Most students can begin applying for Internships that earn college credit in their junior year..

3. How will a liberal arts degree help me in a creative career?

A liberal arts degree program provides a foundation of critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and effective communication skills that best prepare you to be a resilient, agile, lifelong storyteller, ready to build your own future career doing what you love.  

I want to learn about new media

4. Do I have to audition or submit a portfolio or sample reel with my application?

No, we don’t require auditions, portfolios, or reels to apply to our BFA programs. We believe college is the place to discover your passion, try new things, hone your skills, and develop a body of work to take into the real world after graduation. If you want to submit a web link to a sample of your work with your application, it’s completely optional. 

5. What is the Admissions Review Committee looking for in my application? 

The Committee is looking for a complete application, including your official high school transcripts and all other required documents, submitted on time. When you write your personal essay, express yourself, describe your creative and academic goals, then proofread carefully for grammar and punctuation errors. Ask teachers, counselors, or employers who really know you to write letters of recommendation. Finally, during your admissions interview, let your individuality shine so your Admissions Counselor can see how you’ll contribute something unique to the Columbia College Hollywood community.

6. Can I sit in on a class?

Yes! Contact your Admissions Counselor directly to coordinate a campus visit.

7. Can I visit the campus before applying?

Yes, you can sign up to attend one of our Saturday Open House events or you can arrange for a private tour.

8. What is New Media?

New Media is a broad arena that employs both current and future methods and technologies to create digital content for a variety of screens and distribution channels.

9. How is studying New Media at Columbia College Hollywood unique?

In our unique BFA program, you’ll become a more complete storyteller as you collaborate with other students who are focusing on directing, cinematography, screenwriting, editing, acting, sound, and producing. In hands-on, project-based courses, you’ll produce your own digital content, including apps, podcasts, and video games.

10. How is the New Media Emphasis different from other Emphases?

You’ll study all aspects of the filmmaking process with a special focus on creating content for a diverse range of platforms and screens, from phones and tablets to traditional TVs and movie theaters. You’ll also learn how the New Media business works, from pitch to production to distribution.

11. Will I use professional, industry-standard equipment, cameras, and software?

Yes! Our equipment room is fully stocked with current, professional-quality, industry-standard film cameras, digital cameras, and grip, lighting, and sound equipment, all available for you to check out and use on your film productions and hands-on coursework. You’ll shoot on our standing sets, on a professional-quality soundstage, and in front of a green screen. You’ll edit your films in fully equipped, pro level post production suites and screen your work in our HD surround sound theaters.

12. Is the software I’ll be using provided with the cost of tuition?

Yes. While you’re on campus and in class, you’ll use college-owned computers, including the Apple Mac Pro and Macbook Air, pre-loaded with all the software you’ll need to complete class projects.

13. How soon can I start shooting my own new media content?

Most Columbia College Hollywood students have a camera in their hands during their first quarter on campus.

14. What are my career possibilities after I graduate with a New Media Emphasis?

New Media offers a vast landscape of career paths. Depending on your interests, you’ll be equipped to seek opportunities in app creation, video channel production, web series production, and digital production for an array of platforms and screens. Most important, the BFA in Cinema with a New Media Emphasis is designed to provide the practical skills, experience, and knowledge you’ll need create your own entrepreneurial career path as a content creator, storyteller, and media maker.

Is our BFA program right for you?

If you think Columbia College Hollywood is the perfect fit for you, download our Application Checklist. It will walk you through our application process, making the beginning of your journey that much easier.

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