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Our Acting Program: Frequently Asked Questions From Students Like You

July 12, 2017

While trying to find the perfect acting program for you, a few questions are bound to pop up. That is why we have made a list of the frequently asked questions we receive from our incoming acting ...

7 Things You NEED to do the Summer Before Senior Year

May 16, 2017

You just finished your junior year, and you are on top of the world. As the seniors prepare for college in a flurry of stress and excitement, you put your feet up, your shades on, and relax. You're ...

5 Tips for Writing the Perfect College Essay

March 28, 2017

Your college essay reveals something important about you. It goes beyond your grades and your extracurriculars. It shows more than your SAT and ACT scores ever could. It makes you more than just a ...

How to Prepare for Your College Acting Audition

March 9, 2017

So you've been accepted to all of your top college picks, you've created a financial plan with your parents, and you have one foot out the door. There's just one tiny thing standing in your way. You ...

4 Ways to Narrow Down Your College List

February 3, 2017

When you are first starting your college search, it can be incredibly hard to focus on any one thing, which makes narrowing down your options a difficult task. Is the school known to graduate top ...

It is Columbia College Hollywood Open House Time!

January 26, 2017

With the New Year started and the winter quarter up and running, CCH opens its doors once again for our informative and fun Open House on Saturday, January 28th. The event runs from 10am to 2pm and ...

5 Things Juniors Can do Right Now to Prepare for College

January 19, 2017

Junior year isn't exactly easy. You have the ACT, SAT, and it is your last year to really get your GPA before college. With all that on your plate, you probably aren't looking to add much more, ...

5 Things to do BEFORE Starting Your College Applications

January 17, 2017

It is the final semester of your senior year, which means the Senioritis is probably hitting you pretty hard. You have all of the usual homework to deal with, but on top of that, you are supposed to ...

Want to Transfer to CCH? Don't Worry, We Can Help!

August 25, 2016

4 Things to Consider if You Want to Go to Film School

August 23, 2016